The Amenfis Service Promise (aka Terms of Service)

For nearly a decade, our clients have come to know Amenfis for speedy, friendly, and unlimited support. And when we say unlimited, we truly mean unlimited. If it is within our human capacity to help you, you bet we will go out of our way to serve you. Here, in a nutshell, are what we promise to do for you and your business for one flat monthly fee — in plain English:

  1. We’ll host your WordPress-powered website on a fast, secure and SEO-optimized private server (VPS) we provision just for you.
  2. We’ll upgrade and manage every aspect of your server to keep your website up and running blazingly fast all the time.
  3. We will update and maintain your WordPress site(s), as well as all installed plugins and your active themes — to keep your site secure and optimized all the time. 
  4. We will handle unlimited requests/tasks/tickets from you, and we will bere here to help you 24x7x365. Typical requests may include, but will not be limited to: adding new or editing existing pages on your site for you,  making layout changes, installing and configuring new plugins, fixing bugs any issues, etc. 
  5. We will even integrate 3rd-party tools into your WordPress for free, and provide unlimited, 24×7 technical support to help you leverage these tools to grow your website and business.

All we ask for, in exchange, is that you pay your bill on time and NEVER hold back from requesting help from us — irrespective of how many times you’ve asked for help in the month already.

And if at any time you feel we haven’t lived up to your expectation, you can call us out to put things right, or ask for 100% of your money back (for new clients) or a full refund of the present month’s fee — no questions asked.

Above all, when you come on board, you will be assigned your very own Website Support Specialist whom you can consult and even bounce off ideas any time by phone or email.

(Were you looking for legalese mumbo jumbo? Sorry, we only speak English 😀 )